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April 2016 Small Caravan Workshop

children`s playhouse or chicken coop

In this two weekend workshop at a local farm, build a moveable playhouse or chicken coop.   The fee includes catered meals for 2 people.

Cost per caravan: $600 plus material costs

Dates: April 22-24 and April 29-May 1

Time: Friday evening to Sunday afternoon


Limited to 5 caravans

please email for information



Tiny Perfect Reading Room

No Longer For Sale, but can be copied for $4000-$5000

single bed converts to table or desk

all cedar, only 6' long

stained glass windows

'canoe' cedar ceiling

Portable Chicken Coop


fully insulated

suitable for up to 12 hens

8 laying boxes

4'x5' floor

Under Construction

 Small plywood version of the cedar reading room but less than half the price

This one is going to the Sterling Renaissance Festival next summer



 9' long ledge wagon heading for Pennsic 2016

We are currently waiting for the tongue and groove pine siding to be cut for us locally



 11' x 6' straight sided full time living space

2015 Events

Georgian Homesteading and Survival Show, Aug 2-3, 2015


Welbeck Sawmill Wood Expo, Aug 7-8 2015

2015 Projects:

A new idea for us:   a fully-insulated chicken coop,  on a simple 4'x5' trailer.  `The girls` are happy in their new home and laying delicious country eggs in the spacious boxes.


After the first, I  suddenly found myself building a second chicken coop, in a hurry, to be ready for the Georgian Homesteading and Survival Show.  Building in modular pieces with plywood is certainly faster!


Next, my cedar reading room caravan. 


 Many thanks to my brother Rob who made the beautiful doors.

And many thanks also to Skip Izon, of Shadow River Boatworks, for cutting the boards for the cedar strip ceiling. 


The writing desk in front of the bay window converts to a bed. 


I'm back to working with stained glass, so custom windows are now a possibility.


Minnie, from 2012,  at a pumpkin festival in October 2015

Here's a FABULOUS look!!!

  Nancy's horsedrawn caravan!


 The decoration is Value Village and personal nostalgia, and the effect is stunning!  She says it's finished, but.....





Want to build your own caravan?


 for information about workshops click here


Whether you build your caravan yourself or I help you, my goal is to foster your creativity and bring your dream to life.

            Circus Wagon- winter

Gypsy Camp at NERO Canada

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In March 2013 I drove to Wisconsin to visit Circus World Museum.

  Imagine being surrounded by these awesome circus wagons!


To inspire you, here's a link to a Yahoo group dedicated to caravan building:

Recent Caravans

The BEARAVAN, a playhouse for two small boys


8' Ledge, now at NERO Canada


11' Ledge, also at NERO Canada




Farmers Market Wagon

This is how far we got in the first 5 days.



11' Cedar Ledge




Pam's new caravan, a 12' ledge

check it out on Pam's blog:




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