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We are hosting a Build Your Own Caravan workshop in September on a farm right here in Grey Highlands.   In this two-weekend workshop, you will create a unique space on wheels: a guest cabin, a market wagon, a studio or a private hideaway.

We have designed this as a live-in workshop in order to maximize the time for both planning and building.  Bring your own tent or trailer.  Each caravan must have at least two people working on it.  If you bring extra help, much of the painting and finishing will be possible during the workshop.

When: September 12-14 and 19-21, 2014

Cost: $3000 per caravan

This cost covers all materials, including a second-hand trailer for the base,  and 5 meals per weekend for two people.  Slightly more if you choose cedar instead of pine.

Size: maximum length is 10' due to time restraints

Completion: Within the timeframe, you will build at least the shell of your caravan.  It will have its floor, walls, and roof complete, and time permitting, the door and windows will be installed.  The interior details (bed, extra walls, shelves etc) will be roughed in, and you will have the supplies and knowledge to finish it at home.

For more information, please email:


Small Ledge Wagon FOR SALE

8' long, 6' wide, 6.5' high, enclosed single bed



Whether you build your caravan yourself or I help you, my goal is to foster your creativity and bring your dream to life.

            Circus Wagon- winter

Gypsy Camp at NERO Canada

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In March 2013 I drove to Wisconsin to visit Circus World Museum.

  Imagine being surrounded by these awesome circus wagons!


To inspire you, here's a link to a Yahoo group dedicated to caravan building:








March Break Build in Uxbridge, Ontario

Farmers Market Wagon

Monday, March 10: first job - stripping the old trailer to the frame


Tuesday, March 11: preparing the floor and starting the framework



Wednesday, March 12: OH NO - IT'S SNOWING AGAIN!

Workspace, Ontario style...


Thursday, March 13: first, help from a neighbour raising a low corner

 then we squared the frame and put on some walls


Friday, March 14: finished the walls; started the trim; put up the roof beams;

ready for roofing tomorrow


these are the support wings to keep the ledges square

(they're upside down in this picture)


Saturday, March 15: my final day of helping with this project.


both layers of the roof are on, all the openings are framed, and lots of the trim is pre-cut.

The cedar smells wonderful.

I can't wait to see the finished caravan at the Uxbridge Farmers Market!




2013: 11 ft Cedar Ledge Wagon





2013: Pam's new caravan: 12 ft ledge

check it out on Pam's blog:


 2012:Cramalot, a rebuild of a 1970s Scotty Highlander, with a gypsy flair.


2012: Minnie, a tiny cedar ledge



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